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Election 2015

Passionately Moderate MLC Candidate, Ramsay Nuthall gives a voice to people of every faith and none to stand against the forces of fear based hatred; bigotry and hysteria that threaten to tear our nation apart in this age of competing extremes...


If Religion is the problem, What is the solution?

“(Religion) has two faces: one the face of truth, the other the face deception” - Arthur Schopenhauser “There are some forms of religion that are bad, just as there’s bad cooking or bad art or bad sex, you have bad religion too!" - Karen Armstrong


Moderates ChallengeListen to Mother

“Australia is the most successful multi-cultural society on earth” - Malcolm Turnbull With both passion and moderation, this will still be true in 100 years


The Aboriginal Gift to our Nation.

Our Aboriginal people have lived in biological and spiritual unity with this great land of ours since time immemorial. Deep in the indigenous soul is a gift for us all: a gift that can help us be reconciled to each other and live in peace.


We may remember with some cynicism the use of a similar phrase not all that many years ago!

Yet it remains a very significant question!

NSW Labor 

Like the proverbial 'Sick Budgie', Labor was put out of it's misery for it's own good and ours!

The Greens
 While having a great passion for the important issue of the day,  they are worrisome because of their 

'My Way or The Highway' approach to this and other issues!

They will have to learn be able 'to give a little: take a little'.

The NSW Liberals
Being the only viable alternative to form government, they won government. Yet in a very real sense they won by default!

They have failed to captured the imagination of the ordinary voter nor given us a vision that can pull us all together and unite us as a people in these troubled and divisive times.

Who Can you Trust?

Who can you to in the future to have your opinions and values respected?

You Can Trust

Ramsay Nuthall

'Giving Respect - Expecting Respect'