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Election 2015

Passionately Moderate MLC Candidate, Ramsay Nuthall gives a voice to people of every faith and none to stand against the forces of fear based hatred; bigotry and hysteria that threaten to tear our nation apart in this age of competing extremes...


If Religion is the problem, What is the solution?

“(Religion) has two faces: one the face of truth, the other the face deception” - Arthur Schopenhauser “There are some forms of religion that are bad, just as there’s bad cooking or bad art or bad sex, you have bad religion too!" - Karen Armstrong


Moderates ChallengeListen to Mother

“Australia is the most successful multi-cultural society on earth” - Malcolm Turnbull With both passion and moderation, this will still be true in 100 years


The Aboriginal Gift to our Nation.

Our Aboriginal people have lived in biological and spiritual unity with this great land of ours since time immemorial. Deep in the indigenous soul is a gift for us all: a gift that can help us be reconciled to each other and live in peace.



Fred, Pauline and the Greens are a trinity of

‘My way or the Highway’ policy extremes’.


The Greens are in danger of becoming the mirror image of the self obsessed religious puritans who have wreaked so much destruction throughout the ages, the equally obsessive and hard-lined secular puritan.

We have to get the balance between ‘too little too late and too much too soon’. We would have an emissions trading scheme now if not for the Greens. Their insistence on ‘My way or the Highway’ has led to most of the political polarisation of the last two years, which saw responsible moderation in policy development abandoned in favor of the shenanigans masquerading as politics in Canberra today!

Their passion for the earth and the environment has achieved a great deal and their challenge to climate change deniers is vitally important.


Their apparent denial of the role of religion, faith systems and religious education in schools is no doubt based on their rejection of those who deny the insights of science and  who loudly and wrongly claim to speak for all in matters of religion and faith.


While increasingly, the way of institutionalised religion is not for everyone, we believe that within every person are stories, attitudes, hopes and beliefs that empower and sustain their living: This is the basis of a vibrant and meaningful spirituality!  

This vibrant and meaningful spirituality, must be fostered with passionate moderation in the young and old alike.

When the Greens can surrender their 'fundamentalist and divisive secularism' and begin to see that their own very deep spirituality of creation is an important and necessary part of the faith story of our community, then they will have a future.

They will have a very real future as a political party who can embrace and unify people from every cultural and ethnic background and belief system that gives our community its life.

They can do this

By becoming Passionately Moderate:

With Passion for their cause - 

With Moderation to achieve success!

Giving Respect – Expecting Respect!