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Election 2015

Passionately Moderate MLC Candidate, Ramsay Nuthall gives a voice to people of every faith and none to stand against the forces of fear based hatred; bigotry and hysteria that threaten to tear our nation apart in this age of competing extremes...


If Religion is the problem, What is the solution?

“(Religion) has two faces: one the face of truth, the other the face deception” - Arthur Schopenhauser “There are some forms of religion that are bad, just as there’s bad cooking or bad art or bad sex, you have bad religion too!" - Karen Armstrong


Moderates ChallengeListen to Mother

“Australia is the most successful multi-cultural society on earth” - Malcolm Turnbull With both passion and moderation, this will still be true in 100 years


The Aboriginal Gift to our Nation.

Our Aboriginal people have lived in biological and spiritual unity with this great land of ours since time immemorial. Deep in the indigenous soul is a gift for us all: a gift that can help us be reconciled to each other and live in peace.


This is surely one of the most misunderstood concepts of our time!

The individual is the embodiment of many loyalties, Church and State being just two.
You cannot take national, cultural, spiritual or religious identity out of the individual citizen any more than you can remove their life blood.

In practical terms, separation of Church and State means balance and mutual accountability, part of the system of  'checks and balances' that we all need.

It does not mean either the domination or the annihilation of one by the other.

The State


The State has a responsibility to ensure that religious organisations always act for the total wellbeing of their members and the community at large.

The Church


The Church has a responsibility to call the State to remember its duty
to govern withJustice, Equity and Compassion.

The Church must constantly  be calling on the elected ministers of State to love the people they serve more than the power they wield.