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Election 2015

Passionately Moderate MLC Candidate, Ramsay Nuthall gives a voice to people of every faith and none to stand against the forces of fear based hatred; bigotry and hysteria that threaten to tear our nation apart in this age of competing extremes...


If Religion is the problem, What is the solution?

“(Religion) has two faces: one the face of truth, the other the face deception” - Arthur Schopenhauser “There are some forms of religion that are bad, just as there’s bad cooking or bad art or bad sex, you have bad religion too!" - Karen Armstrong


Moderates ChallengeListen to Mother

“Australia is the most successful multi-cultural society on earth” - Malcolm Turnbull With both passion and moderation, this will still be true in 100 years


The Aboriginal Gift to our Nation.

Our Aboriginal people have lived in biological and spiritual unity with this great land of ours since time immemorial. Deep in the indigenous soul is a gift for us all: a gift that can help us be reconciled to each other and live in peace.


“As one of his training supervisors and later a valued friend, I have experienced Ramsay Nuthall as a person who values integrity in himself and others and thinks inclusively both within and outside the circle, often developing fresh ideas. Through his life experience and his work in Juvenile Justice, he has developed and ‘earthy’ view of human society and a compassionate disposition toward his fellow human beings.”

Keith Little OAM



“My battle with both depression and obesity, the one feeding off the other, has given me at least one very important perspective on life:

                                                                     It is far easier to live someone-else’s life through judgment and criticism than it is to live your own in freedom and self-acceptance!”

Ramsay believes that extremists and those who put religious and political dogma ahead of compassion attempt to live our lives for us through criticism and judgment.

“I am sick and tired of being bullied by narrow minded haters, bigots, and hysterics and other opinion high-jackers.  We Australians are a good natured and inclusive people, and this is how we want it to be well into the future. ”

After growing up an a wheat and sheep farm near the NSW country town of Young, he;

•    Taught in NSW country schools for fifteen years

•    Served as a Chaplain with the sick, the dying and the aged for a total of four years

•    Has now served as a Chaplain working with young offenders in custody for nearly twenty years.

He has now worked with young people and people in distressing situations for nearly thirty-nine years.

"Being a Human Being is hard work! It is made easier when some-one cares enough to reach out and give us a hand!"

As a progressive and inclusive Christian, he delights in the spiritual awareness and development of people from all positive and pro-social spiritual traditions.

“I am a child of western civilization and of the very european spiritual tradition that molded my early years, and I am very thankful for that. Yet it frustrates me that my tradition is seemingly unable to move into the future and accept as valid the spiritual formation, traditions and experiences of all people”.

Most people of faith are not anti-science and do not define themselves by their stance on controversial issues such as human sexuality and relationships or euthanasia etc.

These are highly complex and emotive issues and there are as many conscientiously held opinions and combinations of opinions as there are people to hold them.

I have no desire to strip the Rev'd Fred Nile of his conservative Christian stance any more than to deprive atheist  broadcaster Phillip Adams of his views. Both points of view and all in between are part of the great Australian  creative mix.

I am impressed and inspired by TV personality and writer Waleed Aly: While Pauline Hanson challenges me to confront and deal with my own dark fears for the future of this land in a positive rather than fear-filled way.

I find differing life-views challenging and informative and I hope that we never find ourselves unable to hear the views and concerns of all Australians.

I am well aware that an ageing, corpulent man running on a ticket of mutual respect seems at first like trying to sell luke-warm porridge on Sunday mornings. However when the mix contains, among others, a Pauline Hanson, A Fred Nile and the Greens, the voter will need to stay very close to the communal Latrines, because if their 'My way or the Highway' policy extremes prevail and remain in conflict with more moderate views, then something in the human system has to blow!

There is a better way!


Giving Respect – Expecting Respect!

Ramsay Nuthall